Sustainability means travelling with conscience

Every Merit Travel Consultant has the opportunity to travel the world. We have learned that our actions, no matter how small, profoundly impact the people in every country we travel to.

To maintain a positive impact, our team at Merit Travel has developed a unique relationship with WaterAid Canada.

Join us in support of WaterAid Canada and our shared goal to make clean water available for everyone, everywhere, within a generation.

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WaterAid is an international non-governmental organization. WaterAid's mission is to transform lives by improving access to safe water and improved health, hygiene and sanitation, in the world’s poorest communities.

Merit Travel is committed to supporting this cause, by partnering with WaterAid Canada, to see out the vision of a world where everyone has access to these basic needs.

So far, Merit Travel has contributed to fundraising and creating public awareness for projects in Ethiopia, as well as projects currently being implemented in Tanzania. During campaign periods, a percentage of our profits are donated to WaterAid, and we hold a number of events to raise public awareness.

Our most recent fundraising efforts will be used to assist 12 obstetric and neonatal healthcare centres in Tanzania, who currently have no access to clean water. Our contributions will help build a safe water supply for each clinic.



Community Development

Many communities around the world do not have sufficient education and infrastructure. Our relationship with WaterAid Canada, enables our team to contribute to communities in need.


Environmentally and Culturally Aware

We work with preferred travel partners who share values similar to our own. We encourage travel that supports nature and wildlife conservation, cultural and livelihood preservation and sustainability.


Fundraising for Greater Good

We fundraise across the Merit Travel team and commit a percentage of our profits to WaterAid Canada.

Help us make a difference.
Donate to this incredible cause today.