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This is where your solo travel adventure begins!

Solo travel isn't just about visiting new destinations; it's about unlocking the extraordinary potential within yourself. Imagine the thrill of charting your own course, the freedom to wander without boundaries, and the opportunity to immerse yourself fully in diverse cultures.

With solo travel, the journey isn't just about the places you'll go—it's about the person you become along the way.

Set off on this solo voyage today.

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Go Solo Together - Book a guided tour with Collette as a solo traveller.
If the only thing stopping you from travelling is not having an excited travel partner, don’t wait. When you join a tour as a solo traveller, you get the best of both worlds: camaraderie and a great group dynamic, plus flexibility to enjoy your free time how you want. It’s your time to do what you want, with the support of an expert every step of the way. Some of Collette’s popular solo tours include London and Paris (8-Days); Treasures of Egypt (12-days) and Italian Vistas (13-Days).

Travel with G, Myself and I -  Got an inner urge to get out and explore, but none of your travel buddies can make it happen? Sure, you could hit the road all on your own. But going with a small group gives your solo trip more structure, guidance, and safety, letting you get head-to-toe immersed in our world. Some of G Adventures most popular solo tours include The Inca Trail (7-Days); Highlights of Chili and Argentina (10-Days) and Galápagos Island Hopping (9-Days).

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