Turkey is arguably one of the most culturally and historically diverse countries you could possibly visit.

The Turkish people are from diverse backgrounds, a mix of predominantly Greek, Ottoman and western influences. Over the centuries Turkey has been conquered and ruled by a number of empires. This has resulted in varying cultural nuances that are recognisable in the architecture, cuisine, language and appearance of the local people. Turkey bridges the continents of Europe and Asia and shares borders with Eastern European and Arabic countries as well as the coastlines of the Black, Aegean and Mediterranean Seas. The west and south coast and the Istanbul peninsula are known for being influenced by western cultures. The east offers a more traditional side to Turkey represented by the Kurdish culture. The north of Turkey is called the Black Sea region and the towns along this area are known for their natural beauty and green hilly landscape. Turkish people are known for their welcoming nature and their delicious diet of lamb, eggplant, yogurts and a typical sweet treat, Turkish Delight, or lokum.

Archaeological Adventure

Istanbul to Antalya

9 nights

Luxury Guided Tours

Biblical Turkey

Izmir to Pamukkale

6 nights

Luxury Guided Tours

Wine Trail along the Aegean Coast

Thrace to Sirince

9 nights

Luxury Guided Tours

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