Spiritual Balinese Journey

Spiritual Balinese Journey

Seminyak to Ubud

Partake in an insightful and luxurious spiritual journey on this eight-day tour of Bali. Whilst in Seminyak, visit Uluwatu and see the Pura Uluwatu Temple and enjoy a Kecak monkey dance. Journey into the highlands of Ubud, where you can learn about and experience The Holy Spring of Tirta Empul at Tampak Siring Village. In the beautiful Tegalalang Village, meet the locals and see how they live a more traditional life in this rural area. Visit Gunun Kawi Temple, an 11th century temple, where you will see ten rock-cut shrines, standing seven metres high, carved into the cliff face. Spend an evening with local Balinese, learning about Hinduism in their village of Keliki. Participate in a cooking lesson with them and enjoy a traditional meal from spices and vegetables from their gardens. Finally visit a Balinese Master Healer, Tjokorda Gede Rai, who specialises in correcting mind-body imbalances. Rest east at night in 4 to 5-star resort accommodation.


• Awaken your spirituality with a traditional Balinese shaman and open your CHAKRA. Learn about balance and harmony through Balinese Hinduism.
• Relax and unwind through meditation and yoga surrounded by the natural beauty of waterfalls, gardens, ponds, rice terraces, lush jungles, and lakes.
• Visit temples dating back to the 11th century, and greet villagers while absorbing their culture and cuisine. See the 10 rock cut “candi” (shrines) standing seven metres high and carved ino the sheer cliff face.
• Be swept away with the traditional story telling Kecak Dance and music performed by locals who’s talents have been passed down from generation to generation.


• 7 nights in 4 or 5 star accommodations
• Breakfast daily
• Private transfers and transportation on tour
• Sightseeing with local English speaking guides (one guide in each city)
• Entrance fees and boat rides
• Meals as specified in itinerary (drinks at own expense)
• Cold towels and water on sightseeing days

Not Included
• Tips and Gratuities
• Other services not listed in inclusions.
• Personal expenses of the guests

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7 nights

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Day 01 | Arrival Bali

Singapore Airlines#SQ938@ 0820 – 1105(Own tickets)

After meet and greet with your tour guide at the arrival gate, he will transfer you to your hotel in Seminyak Area.

This day is free at your leisure. The regular check-in time is at 2 00 p.m. Early check-in is NOT included and subject to availability.

Overnight at The Royal Beach Seminyak/Deluxe room (2 nights)

Day 02 | Seminyak – Afternoon Uluwatu temple – Kecak Dance – Dinner Bumbu Bali | B, D
In the morning is free for your leisure.

4:00 p.m. tour: The Uluwatu Temple. Pura Uluwatu on the extreme southwestern tip of the island. This temple dates back to the 11th century and is one of Bali's nine key cardinal temples. The structure itself is not anywhere near as impressive as other temples on Bali and the central courtyards can only be entered during special rituals but its location, on the edge of a steep cliff some 70 meters above the roaring waves of the Indian Ocean, is spectacular. The temple is inhabited by a large number of monkeys, well-known for snatching visitors' belongings, including cameras and sunglasses. Keep a good grip on all your belongings and stow away your spectacles! If your intention is to watch the sunset from Uluwatu you may want to stay for the Kecak monkey dance that is performed every day near the temple between 6 and 7 p.m.

Kecak dance performance describes the eternal love story of Rama and Shinta, complemented with stunning sunset background will offer you an unforgettable experience. The Balinese Kecak Dance was first developed into a performing arts in the village of Bona, Gianyar, as additional knowledge Kecak was originally a song or music that is resultant from a combination sounds that make up melodies that are usually used to accompany the sacred dance Sanghyang. And can only be staged in the temple. Then in the early 1930s by artists from the village of Bona, Gianyar trying to develop a Kecak dance by taking the story of Ramayana who danced as a substitute for Sanghyang Dance so this dance could eventually be displayed in public as a performance art. Part of the Ramayana story in which the first is taken as Goddess Sita was abducted by King Ravana. In the Kecak Dance, the music generated from a combination sounds of members "cak" which were about 50-70 people all of them will make music in akapela. A person will act as a leader who gives the tone early, someone else acting as a suppressor in charge of pressure high or low tone, someone else acting as a solo singer, and someone else will act as the mastermind behind that to deliver the story. The dancers in the Kecak dance motion should not follow the movement of dance accompanied with gamelan. So in the Kecak dancethis gestures of the dancer is more relaxed because the main priority is the storyline and the sound mix.

Dinner at Bumbu Bali Restaurant. Bumbu Bali provide an unforgettable culinary and cultural experience by integrating the mystic style of Bali and its people with the finest produces of the island in a modern yet traditional contemporary setting.

Day 03 | Seminyak - Ubud | B
12:00 p.m. meet your Guide at hotel lobby. We will drive to the next destination in Ubud. Process your check-in and free day at your leisure.

Overnight at Wapa Diume/One-bedroom Pool Villa (5 nights)

Day 04 | Ubud – Tirta Empul – Gunung Kawi – Tegalalang | B
9:00 a.m. depart from your hotel. The Holy Spring of Tirta Empul: Tirta Empul Palace is a holy spring water temple located in Tampak Siring Village. You can refresh your body and soul in this holy pool accompanied by the locals who visit to purify their soul before participating at a Hindu ceremony. In the west side of this temple, there is an Indonesian President palace which has been found by the first president. The name of Tirta Empul is loaded in a inscription which is kept at Sakenan Temple, Manukaya village, Sub district of Tampak Siring, about 3km from Tirta Empul Temple. In this inscription, the Tirta Empul is named by the Tirta Ri Air Hampul and then the name has changed into Tirta Hampul and finally become the Tirta Empul. Tirta Ri air hampul means the emerged water or the holy pool (Petirthan)

Gunung Kawi Temple - Tampaksiring: Gunung Kawi Temple is a legacy of the 11th Century Udayana Dynasty, passing the beautiful lush rice terraces of Tampak Siring Village along the way. The temple complex comprises 10 rock cut “candi” (shrines), standing seven meters high, carved into the sheer cliff face. These monuments are believed to be dedicated to King Anak Wungsu of the Udayana Dynasty and his favorite queens. The candis of Gunung Kawi are devided into three separate sections. Four minor candis can be found at one side of the river, five major ones at the other side and, often overlooked by visiors, a tenth candi a little laid back from these major and minor clusters. There is evidence that the candis were probably once protected within two massive rock-hewn cloisters. In shape the candis resemble small buildings surmounted by massive three-tiered roofs bearing nine stylized lingam-yoni fertility symbols. Each candi actually looks like a doorway, carved in relief, but going nowhere. Instead, there is a small chamber beneath the candi, accessed by a sloping shaft from the front, in which a stone plaque (peripih) with nine holes containing symbolic offerings of food and metal objects, representing the necessities of earthly existence, was placed.

Tegalalang Village is formerly as usually traditional Balinese village in Bali where most of the villagers are working on the rice field as a farmer. It is located on 600 m above sea levels covered by good temperature. Nowadays, Tegalalang Village is become famous because of its beautiful scenes of rice paddies involving the subak (traditional Balinese cooperative irrigation system), which according to history, was passed down by a revered holy man named Rsi Markandeya in the eighth century. You will experience the intriguing daily life of the Balinese in traditional rural settings by walking through the rice field. In the end, you will understand how the local farmer works on it hardly to make rice.

Day 05 | Ubud - Evening Experience Home Hosted with Balinese | B, D
Free at leisure in the morning until late afternoon.

3:30 p.m. depart from your hotel. This evening we take you to get to know slightly deeper about Balinese Hindu spiritualism. The fundamental principle underlying Hinduism is that there is order in the cosmos, known as Dharma. There is also a disordering force, known as Adharma. Hindus seek balance and harmony between these two forces, thus freeing themselves from the never-ending cycle of reincarnation, attaining a state called Moksa. Balinese Hinduism divides the cosmos into three layers. The highest level is heaven, or Suarga, the abode of the gods. Next is the world of man, Buwah. Below this is hell or Bhur, where the demons live and where people's spirits are punished for misdeeds on earth. This tripartite division is mirrored in the human body (head, body and feet) and the shrines found outside Balinese buildings.

Most of Balinese follow Balinese Hindu Dharma but there are small community in Keliki Village follows Hindu Shiva, Shivaism depicts an absolute God who is both pure consciousness and soul consciousness and both actively passive and unconditionally dynamic. It projects a vision in which there is a place for both the individual will and divine will. However, it does not view fate as a critical factor in human lives. Fate or destiny is man's own making through his desires and binding actions. We take you to visit Mr. Sang Nyoman Sudiasa who is also known as Mr. Dewa Sudiasa. He is the leader of the Shiva Hindu Community who continue preserving Shiva Hindu Sects. Dewa and his family has been practicing the way how his ancestor live which is based on spiritual orders. Living from existing natural resources. Dewa and his wife Jero will take you to his home backyard to show his organic gardens where he grows vegetables, spices and other food crops. Dewa learn his gardening skill from his grandfather, he will lead you to pick up vegetable and spices for your cooking lesson that is conducted by his wife Jero. You will be guided and explained how Balinese prepare the meal that is rich with fresh herbs and produce whilst the spiritual history and culture. Dewa will share his spiritual knowledge to you while his wife is cooking to prepare food for dinner. The spiritual knowledge exchange is conducted casually in non-formal discussion in his home kitchen while his wife showing you the way how Balinese cooking. The evening will end up with a peaceful experience to enjoy Balinese Home hosted dinner while learning about Balinese Hindu Spiritual.

Inclusions: private transfer using Innova, English speaking guide, refreshment, entrance fee, dinner.

Day 06 | Ubud | B
Free at leisure on your own activities

Day 07 | Ubud - Visit Balinese Healer | B
9:00 a.m. pick up from your hotel. Tjokorda Gede Rai is a master healer and fountain of traditional knowledge and wisdom. He bridges the traditional models and symbolism of Bali with the modern context with an ease that is irrepressible and fascinating, and full of a resonance which is deeply transformative for all who encounter him. Besides his healing work, which is particularly sensitive to identifying and correcting imbalances in the body-mind system, he teaches his own system of modre, gestures and movements, called 'Pranala' to enhance the balance of mind and body and aid accomplishment and fulfilment in daily life. Tjokorda's work – with its emphasis on development through the balancing and lively integration of opposites – is a modern and extremely relevant expression of currents that profoundly shape the Balinese way of life. Tjokorda's approach has subtly molded the direction of Nirarta from its inception, without any thought of it having to be so.

Day 08 | Ubud – Singapore | B
Meet you Guide at hotel lobby and transfer to the airport for your flight to Manila. The regular check-out time is noon. Late check-out is NOT included and subject to change.

Singapore Airlines #SQ 943@ 1300 - 1535 (Own tickets)

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