Israel: Your new go-to destination!

Searching for authentic experiential travel? Israel is it.

Whatever it is that you love about discovering the world, the Land of Creation will unearth hidden passions and inspire new journeys. If Israel isn’t already on your travel list this year, then keep reading. And if it is, keep reading. Yes, you can choose your own adventure but – spoiler alert – all paths lead to Israel.

From thought-provoking history and holy sites to a pulsating nightlife with culinary treasures, this country brilliantly closes the gap between ancient wonders and exhilarating moments. Here you’ll thrive as you encounter a place that perfectly matches your energy.

After all, where else can you explore Biblical ruins, float at the lowest place on earth, and drive through the rugged Judean Desert in a 4×4 all in the same trip?

Our expert Travel Consultants will help you design the vacation of a lifetime with all the classics and the curated picks you won’t find on a postcard. Here are just a few of our expert recommendations:

  • Stroll through Masada National Park where history, heritage, and nature intersect
  • Eat your way through Jerusalem’s markets making sure to try falafel and bourekas
  • Go windsurfing at the Sea of Galilee and feel like you’re walking on water
  • Taste the local Arak in Tel-Aviv and cheers to the endless possibility
  • Tour through Old Jaffa, one of the oldest cities in the world

Israel is a land of stark contrasts that will keep a piece of your heart and yet leave you feeling fully complete all at once.

With as little as one week, you’ll marvel through a time capsule journey that will somehow feel endless every time.

Ready to map out your itinerary for your trip to Israel?

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