Jennifer Patterson


Toronto Office

Specializing In:

-Small-ship & Expedition Cruises
-FIT or Customized Trips
-South East Asia
-South Pacific
-South America

Countries Visited:

• UAE – United Arab Emirates
• Botswana
• Sweden
• Greenland
• Japan
• Jamaica
• Bahamas
• Antigua
• Dominican Republic
• Belize
• India,
• Thailand,
• Vietnam,
• Laos,
• Cambodia,
• Burma,
• Malaysia,
• Borneo,
• Bali,
• Singapore,
• Hong Kong,
• China,
• Australia,
• New Zealand,
• Fiji,
• Cook Island,
• New Caledonia,
• Antarctica,
• Chile,
• Argentina,
• Brazil,
• Peru,
• Ecuador and Galapagos,
• Costa Rica,
• Mexico,
• Europe – Greece,
• Italy,
• Switzerland,
• Germany,
• Denmark,
• Norway,
• France,
• Spain,
• Portugal,
• U.K.,
• Ireland,
• Holland,
• Zimbabwe,
• Kenya,
• Ethiopia,
• Namibia,
• Morocco,
• Turkey,
• Jordan,
• Sri Lanka,
• USA and of course Canada – eh!

My Favourite Country:

All of them in some way!

I don’t leave home without:

I don't leave home without my Swiss Army knife – with a cork screw!

I travel because:

I travel to learn and understand the world and live more!

My favourite travel moment:

There are too many to count. Every day I make dreams come true. Thanks to my training, our wide selection of products and my love of travel, I can put the pieces together to create the perfect adventure for my clients. It’s no wonder they keep coming back!

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