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A link between Europe and Asia, Turkey is full of intrigue and mystery. Take your time in discovering this country. Experience the remarkable history, the untouched beauty and the energetic cities.

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The national currency of Turkey is the Turkish lira. As of July, 2015: 1 CND = 2.15 TRY


Visa and Mastercard are widely accepted in Turkey, and ATMs are also available in major centres while US dollars are generally accepted. Talk to your Adventure Specialist for recommendations.


The official language of Turkey is Turkish.


Turkey`s population is approximately 74.93 million as of 2013.


To visit Turkey, Canadians must present a passport, which must be valid for at least six months following the issuance of the visa, and for 60 days beyond the date of entry into the country. Canadians travelling to Turkey for tourism or trade are encouraged to purchase an electronic visa prior to entering the country. Canadians can also obtain a visa on arrival. Travellers should check with the Embassy of the Republic of Turkey or one of its consulates for up-to-date information.


Because of Turkey`s diverse geography, a single climate does not speak for the country.
• Istanbul has a humid sub-tropical climate (4 degrees Celsius in the winter and 27 degrees Celsius in the summer); in winter the temperature can drop below zero.
• In Western Anatolia there is an average temperature of 9 degrees Celsius in the winter and 29 degrees Celsius in the summer. On the southern coast of Anatolia the same climate can be found.
• The climate in the Black Sea area is damp and hot with an average of 23 degrees Celsius in the summer and 7 degrees in the winter.

(information found at http://www.allaboutturkey.com/iklim.htm)


Istanbul and the Sea of Marmara tend to get crowded between late June and early September due to the warm weather. The Aegan and Mediterranean coasts are at their best in the spring or autumn when it is less busy and the weather is cooler.

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