Top 8 Things to do in China

Gong Xi Fa Cai, Gong Hay Fat Choy, or Happy Lunar New Year!
February 16, 2018 marks the celebration of Chinese New Year and The Year of The Dog! China’s biggest holiday, Chinese New Year is a 23-day day celebration filled with tradition, fun and delicious food.

Fun Fact!

The dog is the eleventh of all zodiac animals, it is associated with the hours of 7-9pm and is considered the yang from the term yin and yang. If you were born in the year of the dog, those closest to you might say that you are honest, loyal and reliable.

If you don’t know what animal year you were born in, perhaps a trip to China should be on your things to do this year, here are some fantastic experiences awaiting you…

Top 8 Things to do in China

The number 8 has long been regarded as a lucky number in Chinese culture. In Mandarin, the number eight is pronounced as ‘Ba’ which sounds similar to the word ‘Fa’, which means to make a fortune.

1. Climb the Great Wall of China – One of the greatest wonders in the world and the symbol of ancient China, the Great Wall meanders across 15 provinces. It is the largest man-made architecture with the longest history.

The Great Wall of China, near Beijing
The Great Wall of China, near Beijing

2. Visit the Terracotta Army in Xi’an – Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site, the Terracotta Army is a collection of sculptures representing the army of the first Emperor of China.

The Army of Terracotta Warrior in Xian, China
The Army of Terracotta Warrior in Xian, China

3. Explore the Li River in Guilin – 83 kilometres long, the Li River offers you scenic views of mountains, small villages and an relaxing escape from the hustle and bustle.

The Li River in Yangshuo, in Guilin Province, China
The Li River in Yangshuo, in Guilin Province, China

4. Visit the Temple of Heaven – Situated in the south eastern part of Beijing, the Temple of Heaven is the largest amongst China’s sacrificial buildings.

5. Join the Panda Keeper Program – Unique to China, giant pandas are an endangered species and travellers shouldn’t miss the chance to help take care of this cute species.

Panda's enjoying playing with their food.
Panda’s enjoying playing with their food.

6. Visit Tiananmen Square in Beijing – One of the top 10 largest city squares in the world, Tiananmen holds great cultural significance and contains the National Museum of China within it.

7. Learn Kung Fu – A traditional Chinese sport, Kung Fu serves as an essential part of Chinese culture and is known to be beneficial by increasing energy, coordination, self-discipline and mental well-being.

8. Tour the Yungang Caves – Another UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Yungang grottoes have 252 caves and 51,000 statues, representing Buddhist cave art in the 5th and 6th centuries.

Great Wall of China, near Beijing
Great Wall of China, near Beijing
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