Top 5 Reasons Why Golfers Love Thailand


Welcome to the Kingdom of Thailand, the golf capital of Asia and one of the world’s most beloved destinations for golf lovers. With over 250 golf courses in Thailand, golf enthusiasts can enjoy a variety of breathtaking landscapes ranging from the misty mountains in the North to the vibrant turquoise waters and palm trees in the South. While there are many reasons why Thailand has been recognized as the golf capital of Asia, we have narrowed it down to five top reasons why golfers keep coming back to this world-renowned golf destination:



1. Value for Money
Thailand’s beautiful scenery and amazing golf clubs offer travellers great value for their money with a level of service that will attract many first-time visitors. Golfers in Thailand can experience the luxury of golf at world-class courses, receive five-star service, and stay in lavish accommodations at affordable prices. Thailand’s competitive value and top-quality service compared to other golf destinations in the world offer golfers an unforgettable experience of a lifetime.


2. Diverse Locations
Thailand’s diverse landscape offer golfers an amazing variety of physical environments to enjoy their favourite sport. From the bustling capital city of Bangkok to the stunning beaches in Phuket, golf lovers will be amazed at the assortment of golf courses available in Thailand. Not only does Thailand’s extraordinary landscapes offer beautiful scenery, they also allow golfers to enjoy Thailand all year long, regardless of the season.



3. The Courses and Facilities
With layouts designed by world-famous golf architects and retired professional golfers, such as Jack Nicklaus, Robert Trent Jones II, Greg Norman, and Pete Dye, it’s no surprise that one of the reasons why golfers love visiting Thailand is because of the golf courses. The greenest of green courses, incredible restaurants, spas, and shopping are just some of the services and amenities visitors can experience in Thailand’s many golf clubs.


4. Combination of Golf and Holiday
With over 250 golf courses spread out across Thailand, golfers can find time to play during the early morning and spend the rest of the day exploring Thailand’s diverse array of experiences afterwards. While golf would be the main driver for golf lovers visiting Thailand, there are also plenty of non-golf activities that visitors can experience within close proximity to the golf course. From historic temples, cooking classes, beaches, outdoor adventure activities, and more, there is no shortage of experiences outside of the golf clubs for those who want to discover more of Thailand’s diverse array of attractions and activities.


5. Thai Hospitality
In addition to world-class golf courses and facilities, Thailand is also known for its incredible hospitality and service. Whether it’s the attentive hotel staff or the professional waiters aiming to please, visitors will be spoiled with warm smiles and five-star service wherever they go. Caddies in Thailand are extremely knowledgeable about the game, taking care of arrangements before golfers arrive at the clubs, guiding golfers around the course and giving them accurate assessments of speed and line of the putts, and more.


With all of these reasons and more, it’s no surprise to see why golfers have fallen in love with Thailand as a golf destination.

Now, come and experience ‘Amazing’!

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