Nova Scotia’s Cape Breton Island – Along the Cabot Trail

Cape Breton

Enjoy a true Maritime experience by meandering along the Cabot Trail on Cape Breton Island. The island delivers sea breezes from the Gulf of St Lawrence, rugged coastal landscapes, and the most delicious fresh seafood.

Cape Breton is an all ages destination, offering couples and groups luxury as well as more youthful and family appropriate fun. Whether you’re after lively or leisurely, Cape Breton will deliver, for you and whoever joins in.

Highlights of Cape Breton by a recent traveller in late spring into early summer…

The Cabot Trail – the famous driving trail through the Cape Breton Highlands which is similar to a slow-paced roller coaster of winding around bends, descending and ascending highlands and offering fantastic views over the surrounding landscapes as well as plenty of ‘hop out and hike’ opportunities, such as the Skyline Trail.

Skyline Trail – Just one of 27 trails in Cape Breton National Park, the Skyline Trail offers a 7km mostly boarded pathway within the Cape Breton Highlands National Park. Allow about 1.5hours to enjoy the (all ages) stroll and take photos of the elevated view that awaits you at the end – The Gulf of St Lawrence, the winding Cabot Trail on the opposite hillside and surrounding National Park.

Cabot Links – As you drive along the Ceilidh Trail north from Nova Scotia mainland to the Cabot Trail, this stunningly scenic golf course lies surrounded by highlands landscape, just a sand dune and boardwalk away from a lovely sandy beach. You can either enjoy strolling from par to par or follow the walking trail along the beach, pack a picnic and sit back and relax or take a refreshing dip!

Pleasant Bay – a stunning seaside town, where fresh lobster and crab can be purchased in time for you to prepare for dinner (in the Arcadian way of course). If you don’t care for preparing your own, there are lobster rolls and a variety of other tasty options nearby. Take a hike up the nearby Roberts Mountain and enjoy the incredible view of the township as you look out over the Gulf below. Try and spot the whales off shore or the bald eagles flying overhead! Take a cruise in search of the local marine life and then watch the glorious sun setting at the beach, before starting a campfire and embracing a warming beverage.

Ingonish – Embrace your, or Cape Breton’s, Scottish heritage with a visit to the Highlands Links golf course in Ingonish. A more high-end experience and considered a golfers’ paradise; the surrounding area also offers hiking (skiing and cross-country skiing in winter), kayaking, swimming or sunbaking at the nearby Ingonish Beach. Unwind with afternoon tea or tee away!

The Fortress of Louisbourg – for the inner historian in all of us! The Fortress Louisbourg Association has reconstructed and maintained this site since 1976 so as to provide visitors with an authentic 18th century experience. There are 18th century period style restaurants, a bakery and coffee shop and gift boutiques as well as costumed ‘living history’ actors who represent particular people of the time and respond as such to any questions! Fort Louisbourg is the largest reconstructed 18th century French fortified ‘town’ in North America.

Cape Breton is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Nova Scotia, and once you’ve been there, you’ll understand why.

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