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Take your travel to new heights and become one of a select group of people to see the world from a new angle! The Adventure Travel Company (ATC) is excited to be offering individuals an exclusive opportunity to venture into space and be on the cutting edge of travel. ATC partnered up with the best global supplier in low-orbit flights, SpaceXC, with the first space missions scheduled to launch in early 2014. This is an extremely rare experience that, so far, only 500 men and women in the world have ever had. You can be among them! As you take your place as a co-pilot, you will become a space traveller too!


    • Bragging rights!
    • Breaking the sound barrier
    • Travelling faster than a speeding bullet
    • Seeing the Earth as only 500 peple have before

We have three incredible ways to explore outer space with The Adventure Travel Company! Depart from either Cape Canaveral, Florida; Curacao, the Space XC home base in the Caribbean; and the Mojave Desert in California.

The Astronaut Program taking off from one of our three destinations, is for all enthusiasts eager to travel to space and experience this once-in-a-lifetime adventure.  By booking your flight into space you become one of a select group of Canadians to have shared this space voyage. Your space flight will take you up 103 kilometers above earth where you will enter low orbit, officially crossing the frontier of space. The flight includes airfare to the spaceport of your choice, a 3 day stay in a five star hotel, individual mission training and a documented video and photo log of you crossing the frontier of space. Ultimate bragging rights come standard. After reaching orbit you can officially give yourself the title “ASTRONAUT”.

• Three days all-inclusive five star accommodation
• Airfare from any international airport in Canada to the Spaceport of your choice
• On-site pre-flight training, medical check and briefing
• Space flight for one
• Mission debriefing and award ceremony
• Flight suit with basic badges
• Photo/video footage of your mission

Daily private departures available year round. Personal expenses and additional travel insurance (covered items outside your space flight) and visa expenses not included. Option to purchase VIP package available as well as additional service. Operated by Space XC.

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