Dominican Republic – A Central American Gem

The Dominican Republic – What’s all the fuss about?

The Dominican Republic is the second largest Caribbean nation and can be described as ‘having it all’ for any visiting traveller. DR is one of the islands that makes up the Greater Antilles Archipelago in the Caribbean Sea, which also includes Cuba, Hispaniola (Haiti and DR), Puerto Rico, Jamaica and the Cayman Islands.


Temperatures and Natural Attractions
With perfect temperatures year-round, averaging 26’, it’s an ideal holidaying destination. In terms of natural attractions, the majority of DR is lush with, farming, jungles and waterfalls, mountains and abundance tropical greenery, surrounded by the Caribbean Sea and bordering Haiti to the west. To the south west a more arid low lying, savannah appearance occupies the landscape. DR also lays claim to four of the five highest peaks in the Caribbean, of which Pico Duarte is the tallest mountain peak and the lowest point of elevation and largest lake in the Caribbean, Lake Enriquillo.

History and Econonmy
In terms of history, DR has survived through various rulers and leadership changes since the 1490s. As a result, there is a great melting pot of people, architecture and places of significance that remain and deliver a truly interesting and diverse modern culture. The Dominican Republic’s economy has grown healthily over the past 30 plus years, moving from industry led by agriculture and mining towards service-based and more recently construction, manufacturing and tourism.

Golf and Beaches
The majority of visitors to the Dominican Republic are in search of the world class golf courses and the beaches. Golfers have a choice of 25 courses, including Casa De Campo and Westin Punta Cana Resort Club set specifically in spectacular locations with where you can admire the mountains, coastlines and general greenery. There are over 1,600km of coastline, of which, over 400kms are some of the best beaches you might ever come across. If you’re a high flyer there are resorts and hotels or there are backpacker basics which cater to the beach bums and surfers that DR attracts year-round.

Dancing is part of the soul of DR and there is no end to opportunities that will get you on the dance floor doing the merengue or bachata. Fantastic food, refreshing tropical drinks, bars and festivals keep everyone else happy and for the inner world preserver in all of us, ecotourism is available and increasing.

The main sites you might like to visit in the Dominican Republic should include:

Santa Domingo – This is the largest, most animated, cosmopolitan and people-friendly city in the Caribbean and Central America.

Punta Cana – Punta Cana is known around the world for its stunning beaches, upscale hotels, romantic settings and amazing golf courses.

Samana – Wild, verdant, with coves, bays, waterfalls, mountains and awe-inspiring views – there is lots to explore.

Puerto Plata – The silver clouds atop Mt. Isabel de Torres, the towering mountain behind Puerto Plata, gave the city its name.

La Romana – One of the country’s top visitor destinations, La Romana is defined by sugar cane, golf, beaches and diving.

Juan Dolio – Located halfway between Santo Domingo and La Romana, Juan Dolio is the perfect escape for couples and families.

Cabarete – If you aren’t a surfer, and enjoy snorkelling on coral reefs in calm waters. Cabarete is the place for you. Some of the photographs included in this blog are from Cabarete and Kite Beach to the north, where coincidentally kite surfers are busy flying around. Cabarete is a resort town on the north coast of DR, but it is also a popular place for all budgets because of the ideal conditions for various water sports. The coral reef running along the coast protects Cabarete from the coast from larger swell, however Playa Encuentro nurther north of Kite Beach offers surf breaks as the reef cuts off.


The Dominican Republic is a must visit destination for all ages. Why not consider visiting this gem of a destination sooner rather than later?

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