Top 10 Winter Adventures!

Written by Merit Travel

Is a sun vacation not your cup of tea? Embrace winter! There’s just as much fun to be had in the snow as there is in the sand. Merit Travel is pleased to present this selection of snowy escapes. Experience the Harbin Ice Festival, snowmobile across Sweden, or dogsled in the snowy north of Finland.

  • Antarctic Classic

Set foot on Antarctica—the world’s least visited continent, watch majestic albatross soar by the ship while crossing the Drake Passage, brave the chill by taking an optional polar plunge, witness immense icebergs and magnificent glaciers, have your questions answered by Antarctic experts.

  • Finnish Winter Activities

This is the ultimate multi-activity winter getaway, including snowmobiling, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, dogsledding, and of course some Jacuzzi time to wind down. Set in the remote east of Finland, close to the Russian border, your setting is surrounded by frozen lakes and vast forests the entire tour.

  • Everest Base Camp

Take on the adventure of a lifetime trekking in Nepal to reach Everest Base Camp. First conquered by Tenzing Norgay and Sir Edmund Hillary in 1953, Everest has traditionally been the ultimate goal for mountaineers. Today avid trekkers seek the challenge of reaching the mountaineer’s Base Camp. Flying in to Lukla, explore the mountains and valleys around the towering peak, rest in Nepalese teahouses, learn about the traditions and cultures of the famous Sherpa and spend time in exotic Kathmandu.

  • Mont Blanc Highlights

The circuit of Mont Blanc is one of the finest walking routes in the Alps. It is in reality a series of paths linking the seven valleys that surround the highest mountain in Western Europe, Mont Blanc. To complete the whole circuit normally takes a fortnight, but for those with less time this one-week Exodus tour takes in the most outstanding sections with beautiful mountain highlights each day.

  • Realm of the Polar Bear

Spend time on deck searching for polar bears and whales, cruise through breathtaking fjords and admire massive glaciers, experience the midnight sun, learn about Arctic history and ecology from our expert guides, brave the Arctic waters and take a polar plunge, enjoy the silence of the Arctic tundra.

  • Fjords and Polar Bears

This north Atlantic journey takes you through medieval towns of the Norwegian coast before heading to the island of Spitsbergen. Keep your eyes open the entire time in search of unique wildlife such as the elusive polar bear.

  • Trails of New Zealand

Explore both islands as you weave your way through New Zealand on this active trip, visiting all the main highlights and many off-the-beaten-track attractions. Enjoy true wilderness campsites followed by comfortable lodges. Trek through Jurassic-like rainforest, kayak with fur seals, hike along a glacier, climb up volcanic peaks and enjoy fish and chips on the beach. A range of activities from whitewater rafting to sea kayaking and glacier walking complement the hikes while keeping this tour as diverse and exciting as the landscapes travelled!

  • Nepal Adventure

From the colours and magic of Kathmandu’s markets to the serenity of Himalayan trails, this ten-day adventure offers an intriguing blend of well-paced excursions. The rugged foothills of the Annapurna Range will reward those willing to break a sweat with stunning views of mountain vistas. And experience Nepal from a different perspective as you explore Chitwan National Park from the back of an elephant.

  • Annapurna Sanctuary

Discover a world of breathtaking mountain peaks on this exciting expedition to the vast natural amphitheatre of the Annapurna Sanctuary. Leaving the foothills we pass under the great bulk of Macchapuchare and spend a night at base camp. After trekking the himilayas, enjoy some well earned rest beside the lake in Pokhara.

  • South Georgia & the Falklands

Discover the huge tabular bergs, explore the wildlife-rich Falklands, hear the stories of Shackleton and early polar exploration and walk wild beaches in South Georgia. This expedition will allow you to get out daily to take a rugged hike and go by Zodiac and kayak where few have gone before. This Antarctica cruise will affect the way you tell stories about travel and wildlife adventures for years to come.

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