How to choose the right ski resort for your family

Written by Deanna Gregorio

Taking a ski vacation with the whole family can be a great experience. If you are taking younger children, you have the opportunity to teach them proper safety and technique, before they start taking ski trips with their friends. With older children, you get the benefit of taking a vacation together, while still allowing them plenty of independent time. Here are our top points to consider when picking a ski resort for the whole family:

  • Distance from home and comfort with air travel

Where there are mountains, there’s sure to be skiing. But, you have to get there first! The Swiss Alps are a skier’s dream, but travel time can be up to 12 hours from Toronto, and up to 14 hours from Vancouver. Families who don’t fly often or have young children may prefer to go to closer resorts to cut down on travel time. Plus, less time spent on a plane means more time on the slopes!

  • Amenities at resorts

You’ll want to spend much of your time on the slopes, but there’s always some downtime! Consider what amenities your resort offers, and how likely you are to take advantage of them. Spa features are common at many resorts, while others have more kid-friendly amenities. Some resorts are more bare-bones: perfect for the travellers who plan to spend all their waking hours on the slopes!

Every resort offers amenities and programs to cater to families. Some do it better than others and everyone has a variety of terrain that may or may not appeal to family. The secret is to rely on our ski vacation experts to uncover specific needs and get unbiased expert advice so you and your family get the most of your precious Alpine Time together!
-Paul Marner, Ski Director

  • Difficulty of hills

Not all members of your family may ski at the same level. Resorts can have a mix of beginner, intermediate, and advanced hills, or cater to a certain skill level. If all members of your family have been skiing for years and feel up to the challenge, it can be exciting to pick a destination that features advanced hills! If your family includes beginner skiers or a mix of skill levels, picking a resort with access to a variety of hills is the best way to accommodate all.

  • Skiing or snowboarding?

Some resorts are ski-only, meaning that snowboarding is simply not allowed. Great for the all-skiing family, not so great if anyone in the family has a strong preference to snowboard instead. Check to make sure your ski resort of choice allows all members of the family to participate the way they want to.

  • Budget

If you don’t have a specific time of year you want to travel, consider being flexible on your travel dates! Different deals become available at different times, and many resorts are cheaper in the “off” weeks. Check out our deals page or contact your local ski expert to see where you can save on your family ski vacation.

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