5 Ways to Do Vegas Right

Written by Merit Travel

Bright lights, constant music, loud ringing, everything in excess…this is Vegas!

It’s been typecast as the city that never sleeps, the city of sins, but you’ll never hear anyone say it’s the city of culture. But if by culture you’re looking for first-class dining, entertainment and a unique way of life, then you might just find some form of culture in Vegas too. You don’t have to be a gambler to enjoy a weekend escape here, you only have to be energetic. This is the Disney World for big kids. It’s where you go to take time out from yourself and your world. To experience everything that is Vegas, not only should you face the bright lights, but you must duck behind the scenes for an up close and personal look into the culture that awaits you.

1. Shopping

There are so many retailers on the main downtown core alone, with each year bringing new retailers. Selection and pricing vary. The Fashion Show Mall is located on the south end of the strip and is said to be the largest enclosed mall in the world. If you’re staying at the north end and don’t want to make the walk, the convenient Deuce double decker bus roams up and down the strip and makes a stop at the mall. This is where you’ll find staples like Macy’s, Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, Nordstrom and more! If you like brand names, but could do without the higher prices, the strip is now home to Marshalls. You can always step away from the traffic of the strip, and head to an outlet mall. Since Vegas is about choice, you also have options here as well. Las Vegas North Premium Outlets have about 150 outlet stores, and Las Vegas South Premium Outlets has 140. Like gambling, there’s no shortage of shopping in Vegas!


2. Entertainment

Before booking, plan your trip in advance. Las Vegas attracts mega-stars, so if there is an artist, musician or DJ in town, tickets will sell out fast. It’s best to plan so you don’t potentially miss out. Beyond this, Las Vegas plays host to so many different theatre shows. Take in a Cirque du Soleil performance, or be dazzled by a magic show. The choices are endless, but the schedules aren’t. So be sure to look into ticket availability and show time before you leave. Many assume you can just show up and pick when you’re there. You don’t want to be disappointed that a show you might really like isn’t running another performance until after you leave.


3. Desert Heat

Allocating an entire day to a Grand Canyon excursion is definitely worth it. Rent a car, board a bus, or fly, and visit the West Rim of the Canyon and step foot on the Sky Walk. It’s a drastic change of pace from the Las Vegas strip and a reminder of how geographically diverse the United States really is.

4. Freemont Street

This is sensory overload at its finest. Go for the light show, stay for the zip line, photo ops with celebrity impersonators or live music at one of the outdoor stages. It’s a circus on Freemont Street and you’re part of the performance!

Freemont_Golden Nugget

5. Food

Las Vegas is home to a range of food and drink options. The beauty in the landscape is ever changing; every time you revisit, you might just find a new restaurant or culinary concept open by a new celebrity chef. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that because there are so many restaurant options, you don’t need to research ahead and make a reservation. Take our word for it, you’ll be so energized by filling your days with lights, shopping and walking that before you know it you won’t realize your hunger creep on you. By that time, you’ll want to have a plan and a destination in mind for dining. You don’t want to be so desperate from hunger that you end up settling for whatever’s closest when you could experience the latest culinary experience!

Food_Wolfgang Puck Restaurant

Merit Travel Consultants regularly visit Las Vegas and are up-to-date on the latest changes and additions. It doesn’t cost more to book your trip through an agent, so you may as well take advantage of their insight.

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